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Reggies Premium Men's Underwear

Reggies Premium Men's Underwear

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Imagine a world where comfort meets seduction; where every movement feels like a gentle embrace, yet every glance in the mirror reminds you of the bold, unyielding spirit you embody. That's the Reggies promise.

Our unique blend of premium materials ensures that you're not just wearing underwear – you're wearing a second skin that moves with you, breathes with you, and celebrates you. From the boardroom to the bar, from the gym to the couch – Reggies is your unwavering companion.

So, why settle? Elevate your underwear game. Embrace the blend of style, comfort, and raw masculinity that only Reggies can offer. Have you got your Reggies on?

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Let's get into the nitty gritty details.


  • Cotton base creates a velvety soft touch against your skin.
  • Added blend of elastane ensures that Reggies retains its shape, after countless wears and washes.
  • Natural fibres promote excellent air circulation so your skin can breathe, reduces sweat and effectively minimises odours.
  • Moisture-wicking material quickly draws away sweat from the skin.
  • Reggies dries quickly, preventing any dampness or associated discomfort.
  • Optimal stretch allows Reggies to seamlessly adapt to your body's movements.

Supreme Comfort

The foundation of any great underwear lies in its comfort. Our dominant cotton composition is meticulously chosen to ensure a velvety soft touch against your skin. This results in an unparalleled comfort experience, allowing you to go about your day with ease, forgetting you're even wearing them. Whether you're at work, at the gym, or relaxing at home, Reggie Underwear promises consistent comfort.


What's comfort without durability? Our unique blend of cotton and elastane is not just about feel; it's about longevity. The elastane ensures that the underwear retains its shape, even after countless wears and washes. Simultaneously, the cotton ensures that the softness you feel on day one remains consistent, wash after wash.


Ever felt trapped in your own underwear due to excessive sweating? With Reggie Underwear, that's a thing of the past. The inherent properties of cotton's natural fibres promote excellent air circulation. This ensures your skin can breathe, significantly reducing sweat accumulation and effectively minimising any associated odours. Stay fresh, stay confident.

Moisture Management

Staying dry is crucial for comfort. Cotton is a natural moisture-wicking material, ensuring that any sweat is quickly drawn away from the skin. But we didn't stop there. The addition of elastane ensures that the underwear dries quickly, preventing any dampness or associated discomfort. With Reggie Underwear, you stay dry, stay comfortable, and stay ready for anything.

Stretch & Fit

Nobody likes underwear that feels restrictive. Our inclusion of 5% elastane is a game-changer. It provides the optimal stretch, allowing the underwear to seamlessly adapt to your body's movements. Whether you're stretching, squatting, running, or lounging, say goodbye to underwear that rides up, bunches, or feels too tight. With Reggie, freedom of movement is a guarantee.

  • Unmatched comfort.

  • Built to last.

  • Premium quality.

"Underwear for men don't have to cost a fortune to meet your needs. These feel comfortable, fit perfectly, and most importantly, performs exceptionally well in every situation."

- LUCA -

  • Pro men's mental health

    10% of profits goes to men's mental health

  • 100% recyclable packaging

    Shipped & packed using recyclable materials

  • 30 day money back guarantee

    Don't love it? Return it for free.

  • Designed in Australia

    Proudly Aussie designed and owned.

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Size matters.

Reggies was built to stretch and move with you. Select the correct size for optimal performance.

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Stock up.

Whoever said less-is-more has never experienced the pure bliss of opening a drawer full of reliable Reggies. 4 packs of Reggies is 12 pairs of undies.

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No more guessing.

Never think twice about putting your underwear on. You're not just getting a drawer full of underwear; you're investing in hassle-free mornings, unyielding comfort, and the confidence to tackle whatever the day throws your way.